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The act of placing Sloppy Joe meat in a tortilla rather than a bun.
That peen Mark forgot the buns so we slammed on some Sloppy Josés instead.
by Ryan Lefure May 11, 2013
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When you have sex with your girlfriend and her mom in the same day and then steal their hubcaps.
Man, Drew pulled off the sloppy jose, getting his girlfriend and her mom in one day. Then he stole their hubcaps!
by Capn26 August 27, 2006
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When someone (usually mexican) works a 9-5:00 shift, mows his lawn, sweeps the floors, makes sloppy joes and has sex with his wife without showering and then goes back to work.
Man did you see Derek pull that sloppy jose? He had to be was amazing.
by Chase "Brownie" Brownfield October 18, 2006
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the Mexican equivalent of a Sloppy Joe commonly served with carne asada and other toppings inside two slices of bread (pan); Torta
The torta is like a mexican sloppy joe.
Wouldn't that be called the sloppy jose?
by Sexy Conservative January 26, 2011
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The act of filling a condom with salsa,beans,and any other mexican food then poking a hole in the end of the condom and squezing the contents out in your partner's rectum (buthole). Next procede to have anal sex with your partner. Next eat ( without using your hands) the contens of the " Sloppy Jose'" .
Last night my boy friend gave me a Sloppy Jose' and I don't think ill ever be able to eat mexican food again.

After i got a sloppy jose ive had intestinel problems ever since.

I havent stopped tingling since last night it starting to hurt.
by KoleTrain May 22, 2011
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A sloppy jose is when you fuck a girl in the ass and just before you cum you pull out and shoot your load into a double shot of Jose Cuervo. Then, let her take the shot like the dirty whore she is.
Last night I slipped that chick at the bar a sloppy jose.
by wall mirror June 19, 2009
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when you cum in a girl and fall asleep right after. this will most likely cause the conception of your 4 and 5 child.
i got this condition known as sloppy jose, after i bust my nut i'm gonna pass the fuck out so don't ask me what i'm thinking about
by kingcaddy March 15, 2010
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