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-discharge of secretions from the cervical glands of the vagina; normally clear or white

-female equivalent of semen
Gurl, you need to wipe up that slish.

Man, I was all up in her slish.
by slishattack August 23, 2011
an extremely cool person. the act of being mega tight and radical. preferably Cailtin and Sarah are whats slish
Oh my gosh! I wanna be just like Carol Ann. She is so slish!
by tmchoes20 October 03, 2010
man, i was all up in her slish, and it was slishy slishy!!
by Dr. Saucy September 29, 2003
The sound of a finger slipping in and out of a wet vagina on the school bus. From Tom Robbins "Even Cowgirls get the Blues"
'Sissy recieved a solid fingering on the bus coming home from the football game and responded with a slippery suculent sounding pussy'
by Amos Bwatt November 26, 2004
slitting your wrists in the shape of a fish
i wanted attention so i slished my wrists
by ikkibrady September 30, 2008
When you butt is wet between the butt cheeks and it occurs when you have a big butt,and you don't wipe well enough so then your poop melts so then your butt cheeks slide against eachother
Damn I need to take a shower I have so much slish
Don't scratch between your butt cheeks when you have slish or then your fingers will be wet
by Heheheudontneedtoknow September 24, 2017
a dance move incorporating a slide and a swish.
Fred sure knows how to slish.
by su_fred May 11, 2011