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Originated in TheRunawayGuys Mario Party 5 - Pirate Dream Part 2

It is like a slippery slope, but with pants, referring to a person with a high likelihood of saying something that sounds unintentionally sexual.
Did you actually just say you want to 'do Daisy on hard?' God you have slippery pants.
by tordenofitami November 14, 2017
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pants htat can easily be lost in public places
i bought a pair of slipery pants that then fell off in the middle of Hyde Park
by debkat August 11, 2003
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slippery pants - N. derisive term given to a promiscuous person.
see also: sloot, whoore, freak, skank, Paris Hilton's sister
Slippery pants over there will f*@& anything with a pulse.
by Hamburger H hubman July 20, 2004
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