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word describing lengthy meaningless posts containing mostly misinformation, old wive's tales and the writer's imagination in response to factual questions on internet horse forums, originally by a poster nicknamed "slick" for their way of denying the misinformation posted previously.
Any horse person with a little knowledge can tell you the very first sentence of this Slickipedia post is wrong and outdated information.

Original question posted: What is wrong with my horses feet?(with picture)

Entry from Slickipedia:
"It does look like scratches, actually, a pretty bad case, scratches is a bacterial infection, they take advantage of the broke irritated skin as well. I imagine it's common in Florida... <<followed by about 800 words of cut and paste drivel and ending with a description entirely from the poster's fantasy world:>> ...At my own farm the paddocks are quite sloped so they don't get wet, and have been excavated and surfaced with limestone screenings, so there's no mud, and any that gets on the legs is easy to get off. We also pick up all manure, so the horse that got scratches twice a year now never gets them."
by Horsegal October 30, 2007
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