Something or someone that a person loves so much that they have the feeling they can't live without it.
๐Ÿง€slices of cheese are my slice of heaven.
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by 4we80m3 Mustache September 26, 2019
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That's when you get ur fav cake or the booty you've been craving for weeks
I went out with this fine ass girl last night, we went back to my hotel room and OOOOOH she was like a slice of heaven
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by Bitch don't steal my name September 28, 2019
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getting oral while dropping a bomb and swigging JD
bob "so wat did u do last night man?"
john "my girl gave me a slice of heaven. i owe her big time."
bob "u lucky son of a bitch."
by crayzykyle August 18, 2008
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Hitting someone in the face with a used condom turned inside out (cock and cum side out).
My roommate bitched about being sexiled, so I gave him a slice of heaven with the condom I used.
by Matt April 12, 2005
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