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The only school in the world where the minorities out-number the whites. Everyone wears a fitted hat, with colors that match their shirt, and shoes, the colors on the hat are never actually the team colors. If you wanna know where the party is at, you call John or DaVonn, because they have party-radar. Honors classes only means that everyone in the class can speak English. A majority of the white people dress like Abercrombie models, but they're not.
A normal Sleepy Hollow High School lunch:

Andrew: What exactly does it take to become a ruff ryder?
Greg: Shut up Andrew you're drunk.
Andrew: Brian, what class are you skipping now?
Brian: Physics, bitch.
by Whitesare Theminority January 13, 2006
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The school located on North Broadway right off Beekman Avenue, that is made out of glass. Many yanyos, and dominicans, are waiting outside
You know your in sleepy Hollow High School when Spanish people are playing there regaton ringtones alllllll around you
by joey blank January 24, 2006
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A mysterious place where the whites are constantly at war with the Hispanics, the drugs are used less than 30ft from the school itself, and nobody is quite sure who is running the show. Don't be fooled, it may have graduates who go on to well known universities such as Cornell and Penn, but this entire school is a madhouse. In order to survive one MUST follow the rules:
1. NEVER expect to be entertained at a football game.
2. NEVER expect to dance at a school dance.
3. NEVER remind a white kid acting black that he isn't black.
4. NEVER cross the crazy sub. She'll get crazy on you.
5. You have to be high in order to get what the fuck is going on around here, otherwise it isn't even worth a try.
Student 1: "Hey wanna go to the church to do non-illegal activities?"

Tired of doing actual schoolwork and/or giving a shit? Go to Sleepy Hollow High School!
by xxxxxxxxxswaggiestxxxxxxxxxxxx November 30, 2011
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