Someone who can get knocked out even with a slap.
by Jenzarato September 15, 2010
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Slapout, Ok. Population : 12
Well maybe 18 by now. Literally. This little Podunk town, town? Can you even call that a town? Its on the map, seriously. Check it out. Northwest Oklahoma, smack dab in the state's "armpit". Probably explains the smell of this little town. Or could be the Feed Lots. Or just your brothers step aunts husbands cousins outhouse. Small town, close relations. If ya ever get a chance to drive by Slapout, don't blink. And watch out for rouge cattle and the ocassional horny toad. Speaking of that, better keep an eye out for Uncle Bubba Papa Cuz too.
Don't hang around slapout, ok too long, it starts to rub off on you, you'll come home and ask your sister to the prom.
by Doinyamom February 5, 2016
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