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Acronym: Seriously Loose Anglo-Saxon Girls Who Are Rarely Taken Seriously

Singular - Slagwart

Describes vast numbers of females who inhabit the British isles, a nation that increasingly resembles two peoples sharing one geography. Slagwarts are almost indistinguisable from chavettes and are generally over-sexed, arrogant and greedy, dreaming of little more in life than instant fame and/or wealth, plus becoming a footballer's wife. The rest of the nation just looks on in confused disgust.
"That really obese girl over there just said to me 'you've got five minutes to buy me a drink, or I'll go and talk to someone else'. I mean, why on earth would I do that? Who would sign up to being treated like a piggy bank?"

"Mate, she's just another of those Slagwarts. If you want some fun, look elsewhere."
by Punanimal November 26, 2006
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