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A character in the indie game Minecraft made famous by "The Yogscast". Now becoming a popular role-play figure it is most frequently used in the "Knights of Honor"clan server (KoH) where players can become disciples of the infamous Skylord. This gives them access to large sections of the map and enables them access to great constructions such as the Skyship HSS Devastation (A currently crash landed sky city). The Skylords main job is to keep the air above cities clear from "clutter" which includes too tall buildings. A player will be warned to cut the height, verbally or by use of sign. Such a sign can read "You are encroaching on Skylord territory, remove the obscenity of be destroyed!". If the request is ignored then the top of the building will be "capped" (Blown up with TNT).

The Skylord if attacked does not fight fairly, using Flymod and damage hacks as well as his disciples to gain victory.

The Skylord on the "KoH" server is currently acting commander of the Vandal Militia, the minecraft war waging wing of the KoH community. Notorious for their building skill and speed in which servers can be dominated. They will never fight on their own server even though it is fully equipped with city sized fortifications, as the Skylord announced himself "they are only for show but we are open for war games".

It has been stated that Skylords should form an 'interlinked' community spreading through several minecraft clan servers.
"Congratulations your request for Lessor Sky minion has been submitted"

"Access has been approved"

"*The Skylord swoops down from above letting loose a volley of arrows*"
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