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The correct way to spell the name-without an A or E. Only Douchebags spell their name Skyler or Skylar. Only the most noble and wisest of men can have the coveted O at the end of their name.

Skylor is another word for a man with a big dick roughly 10-12 inches. It also means "hey, this kid gets bitches"
Man that Skylor sure gets a lot of Pussy. I wish i was that fly!
by THA MOTHA FUCKIN PIMP November 09, 2010
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A really awesome guy. A term used to describe someone that is really outgoing and happy. He's very friendly and understanding. A person that you want to be around and talk to. He's something that's really caring and nice and likes to throw out a bunch of catchphrases. A Skylor is overall someone that thinks about society in different perspectives and is a really great person.
Guy 1: Who's that?
Girl 2: I don't know but it's a Skylor.
by Fairy85 July 09, 2014
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This name is only for suited for P.I.M.P.'s. No one can compare to someone with the name Skylor. Head's bow in the presence of Skylor. Not to be confused with the douchebags that spell it with an -er or -ar. Only the most legit can rep the -or at the end of their name.
Man i wish i was cool enough to Rep the name Skylor!
by CALI's KING May 02, 2010
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A skylor is a guy who will always be there no matter how many times you feel down or up. He is Shy, Funny , Sarcastic, Tall, Very Handsome, and has very low self esteem. He has Short Brown Hair and is really clingy when he likes a girl. He is great at art , and very romantic and kind. Skylors have dealt with many thIngs in the past. A skylor has had a past of self harm , traumatic reminders , and bullying. He usually is always embarrassed of himself and doesn’t like communicating with other people. Skylors are caring but don’t like meeting new people. Skylors are very lucky and usually meet 2-3 people that are very special to him and make him happy to be alive.
Skylor is a term for
by Jeudvagqh September 01, 2018
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a sex warrior that are only attracted to girls named Tiffanie...sorry ladies
I wish I were Tiffanie so I could be with Skylor...
by Sex warrior December 27, 2017
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