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In Australia; to be severely reprimanded, told off. To be caught engaging or participating in an activity deemed deplorable by a mature other. Often used to describe someone who's actions are likely to be discovered at some time in the near future.
"Dick move Allan, you'll surely get skunted for that one."

by 5dollarhoody January 25, 2010
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To be in trouble. To earn the wrath of another. To be in the shit.
Man, I was so skunted when my bro found out I stole his weed.
by Kathryn Fleay March 31, 2008
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Australian colloquialism that means to be hard done by or treated unfairly
First dude-Man they gave the job to some white person because this is Australia

Second dude-Dude you got skunted
by blind_sponge March 03, 2010
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