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Formed in 2016, this group of people created a group chat that would change their lives. Asma, Mahnoor, Rita, and Noyan, began their journey as best friends creatively named "the skrtskrt gang".

They ruled their school and became the awesome gang in the world. As the famous saying "love destroys all" goes it became a reality for this gang.

As Rita became more beautiful, Noyan became shocked. All his life, he had only seen Asma and Mahnoor, no matter how amazing they were, they never grew to Noyan's standards. But when Rita came along, Noyan knew, HE KNEW, that she was the one. He confessed, Asma and Mahnoor even tried to convince Rita, but Rita's heart was non-existent and she ruthlessly rejected him every time.

Noyan became depressed and his only solution was to stop talking to the other members of the group. Rita also stopped talking to Noyan, too embarrassed to be seen by anyone who wasn't beautiful.

The 3 girls became separated from Noyan as his sadness overtook him and he devoted himself to being friends with BOYS instead.

They tried to become "skrt skrt" again but it never worked. Asma and Mahnoor were the best members of the gang anyways as they were the best. The rest were just there.

Recently, there has been rumours of the gang getting back together, certain dms of them sending hearts and "bffs forever" gang symbols. But it is all unknown and uncertain.

One day, these four will rise again and rule the world.

In loving memory of SkrtSkrt 2016-2017
SkrtSkrt Gang gone but never forgotten.
by SkrtSkrt's Former Member December 10, 2017
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