A person who is both bad and good at games, dying at the simplest things yet clutching impossible odds.
Todd: "god tim is such a skrib."

Jason: "yeah but he clutched last round when we all died."

Tim: "guys....I fell off the map again."
by SkribKing May 5, 2021
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A fat male with an extra large forehead
Yo my dude, that skrib looks like a fat version of Eminem
by PeedSllab November 29, 2017
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A beast that pulls endless girls and girls always go for him. He has a big penis but even if it was small he would still meet girls expectations.
A nickname used to describe someone, for example:

A mate “hey mate how was last night?”

Skribsyeah good thanks I pulled the fittest girl there and got kicked out as she tried sucking me off in the middle of the club”

The mate “aha great your nickname should be skribs
by Ghghghgb April 16, 2020
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