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The word ''Skovgaard'' is a translation of the latin word ''Summus imperator Magni''.

Skovgaard is most seen in the context of religous scriptures, such as the Bible, the Koran, the Ketuvim. The world's leading archaeologists have also found many rock paintings that shows evidence of a ''Summus imperator Magni'' and his presence on Earth.

The native people of Greenland, or the Slaede Perkere are known for having a spiritual ceremoni where they pray to the Almighty Skovgaard by sacrificing the best looking female in the village. If their sacrifice is accepted, they'll get water and embonpoint pigs as a gift from the Almighty Skovgaard.
X: What's the meaning of life?

Y: I don't know, but let's sacrifice Megan Fox and hope that the Almighty Skovgaard gives us the answers?

X: Great idea.
by JiggaManLuuuuv January 23, 2011
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