1) One that is both gay and skinny
2) Homo of the skinny variety
Look at that Skomo, both skinny and a Homo
by Marky Mark B April 01, 2010
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A new cross-breed of skodes and emos. These creatures can be seen with all black and sport jackets *the fancy kind* or a tight t-shirt even in the middle of winter and they always have their hands in their pockets and their arms slightly bent behind them. Like they did something wrong.
If you find one of these in public, dont be afraid to antagonize it, it is compleatly harmless except to it's self.
Man, that skomo has been standing there for a while, dude, lets go say My Chemical Romance sucks!!

later that night...
skomo: i love the smell of new razorbaldes dragging accross my wrist as I cry in self-pity...hey, that might make a good band name, if I wasnt so depressed
by Tony Da Fuzz March 22, 2006
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