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Extremely annoying pupil. Tends to be a brownnose and kiss every teacher's ass. A Skjong will state the obvious, even if it involves repeating what the teacher just said. Needless to say, he is a frekkin prick! Someone oughtta kick his ass. I'm pretty sure someone in my class is gonna do it ne time now. I can't wait! I h8 him SO MUCH!!
<Pupil A> OMFG! Someone please kick that Skjong's ass!
<Pupil B> No Wai! I'm not touching that zarking brownnose with a 12 foot pole!
<Pupil A> Skjong! STFU already!

<Teacher> Anyone know the answer to this question?
<Skjong> Isn't it <insert random stupid answer here>
<Teacher> No, it's <insert correct answer here>. You suck Skjong!
<Skjong> Ofc. Thats what i meant
by MacOrange February 01, 2008
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