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When you fart so hard a rainbow comes out and you can taste it
I was eating my halloween candy, and all of a sudden I had a skittlefart. It tasted like the fruity goodness of all the skittles flavors.
by skittlefart January 04, 2013
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When your shit comes out in a powerful stream of little nuggets, as if you are shitting out squirmy little skittles.
After drinking so much last night, I skittlefarted all day.
by ronisgenius September 18, 2013
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When your laying on the couch and your dog crawls up on you and put his bum in your mount and farts and skittles away
Sophia was sitting on a couch and her Yorkie Effi skittlefarted.
by Young Jamal May 22, 2017
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When you fart and it turns your underwear colors other than brown... like yellow, or red... something not normal looking.
Girl: Whoa I just took a huge SkittleFart in my underwear!
by WhatIsThisWebsite September 21, 2016
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