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Similar to pantyhose which is traditionally considered a woman's garment, pantyhose that are worn by men for thermal protection and therapeutic relief are called Skippyhose. Some Men who enjoy wearing panthose under garments so they glide freely over the legs and waist when the body moves at a rapid pace. Some fishermen who surf fish from tropical beaches may also wear Skippyhose to protect from jellyfish, whose stingers cannot penetrate the mesh.

In the late 1990s several small manufacturers introduced Skippyhose styles designed for men to cater to this niche market. The growth in the male Skippyhose market, (sometimes termed, "mantyhose" a termed coined by the media coverage of this emerging trend) has been chronicled in a number of popular blogs that have arisen as men have become more open in their wearing of this once strictly feminine garment.
Is that dude seriously wearing a pair of Skippyhose?
by The Boatski March 15, 2011
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