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Coined in response to the thankfully-brief reign of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada. Espousing Progressive(R) values, while practicing the ones traditionally observed in his Natural Governing Party, the cradle of his father, St. Pierre I of the Left.
Didja hear about that Quebec engineering firm paying for Qaddafi's kid's drugs and hookers, and getting a pass from the Feds?

A: Yeah, what Skipocrisy!

Why do the middle class, and those hoping to join it, have to pay for their elected leader to party on a private island in the Caribbean?

A: Skipocrisy!

How can someone attack an opponent over personal values, expressed years ago, that form a foundational part of their particular faith, while having practiced, over and over again, racial stereotyping to draw laughs and attention both as a student, and an adult?

A: He must be a Skipocrite!
by Quincey Patterson September 21, 2019
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