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Female version of the term Skinhead
"That girl over there sportin' the boots and braces, she's a skinbyrd"
by La.belle August 03, 2005
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Skin Byrd; a female belonging to the skinhead subculture. the Skin Girl as they are also called, holds the same values of her own skinhead sect as her male counterparts. She dresses very similar to skinhead men, but she often wears short jean or twill skirts. The other biggest fashion difference is the way they cut their hair. most skin girls dont have shaved heads. Skin birds sport a hairstyle called a Chelsea a Frindge or a Feathercut. The chlsea refers to the style of shaving or cutting short the crown and back of the head, but leaving straight bangs and some hair on the sides by the ears. The fringe or feathercut is similar but a long mullet shaped peice is left in the back. Younger skin girls or fresh cuts as they are also called, more often sport the chelsea with no mullet. In some large skinhead groups the older byrds insist that the fresh cut girls sport the chelsea with very shortly shaved hair in the back. This is seen as an initiation by the older skins because these young girls often recive alot of percicution from the mainstream culture. A skinhead girl should be the sort to have the ability to hang with the boys, back up her brothers and sisters- and drink. A skin byrd is a proud girl.
she was my skinhead girl, she was my height my weight my size she wore braces and blue jeans...
lyrics, from ska soul regge band- Syimirip

"that skin byrd stole that fred perry from her ex."
by Sampage138 May 12, 2007
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Originally meant to be the girlfriend, friend, or supporter of skinheads. It was stated that girls aren't supposed to be skinheads, but rather to help out the guys that are, but still wanted rank within the skinheads. So, they became skinbyrds. Some skinbyrds took on the look of skinheads, with the boots and shaved heads or chelsea hair, but most remained anonymous and chose to look 'normal'.

Some claim that there is no such thing as a female skinhead, and all that exists are skinbyrds. I suppose this though counts on what subgroup of skinheads you are.

Traditional skinheads believe in skinbyrds, and racist ones do too. Sharp and Rash skinheads think of women as skinheads, however.
See that girl over there, hanging out with all those skinheads, she's a skinbyrd.
by toee May 16, 2006
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skinByrd refers to a skinhead girl with a chelsa haircut
or just the hair cut its self
In skinhead culture
molly is with those skinbyrds
by liannoelgallager November 08, 2007
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