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A Hand based sundial; when one of your friends asks you what time it is and you're naught wearing your watch and you're naught umbilically attached to your cellular phone and you look at your bare wrist and say skin thirty.
"Hey, jables? What time you got? "
"Uhm.. skin thirty buddy, I'm naught wearing my watch."
by Cthulhu Rex October 05, 2018
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a reply from someone who doesn't have a watch, usually said after someone asks what time it is.
1: Hey, what time is it?
2: (looks at their watchless wrist) It's skin-thirty.
by KRHimself September 30, 2004
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1. A hot response from from a macalicious honey when you ask her what time it is? lol in our dreams...

2. Noticeable wrinkles around the eyes and mouth for a thirty-something person. When the signs of aging first start to show on the skin.

3. What time it is when you feel like gettin' your groove on.
1. Joe: Excuse me miss, do you have the time?

Hottie: ha ha, I'm sorry - I didn't see you there; you're cute.

Joe: Oh, sorry... (: (she's hot) So, what time is it.

Hottie: Almost skin-thirty...

2. Ed looked at his wife. They'd been together for almost 15 years since they were high-school sweethearts. Her face showed signs of age. Skin-thirty. lol

3. Pimp 1: Yo, you see that chick over there?

Pimp 2: hahah ya shorty, tryin' to act like she's not lookin' over here?

Pimp 3: Yeah yeah yeah. Well she's about to find out. It's half past skin-thirty by my watch. :D
by mac murphy July 19, 2011
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Its what you reply to someone when they ask you for the time and you don't have a watch
person 1: hey, what time is it?
person 2: *has no watch* thirty
by xgxthx February 09, 2017
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