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An idiom meaning "to stop talking about something unrelated and to go back to the original topic."

Entomology: Evolved from the phrase chasing rabbits or following the bunny trails which mean to go off topic in a discussion.
Bob: so I think universal moral law is dependent upon the existence of a universal law giver.

Jim: Speaking of law giver, have you seen that new western on HBO?

Bob: oh yeah, it was pretty good.

Jim: the acting quality surprised me.

Bob: yes it was very nice. Now lets skin the rabbit and get back to the topic at hand.
by pseudonymous0100101 June 27, 2011
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It's what you say when you're helping someone take their shirt off over their head.
Put your arms up so I can "skin the rabbit".
by Truthful Mikki December 10, 2018
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