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the absolute gayest,most boring town in the world,ran by the most slobby pieces of shit especially the crown victoria driving swine they call police officers
(excluding Rocky, he's cool and not a worthless pig) on the planet and often crapped on by the other gay boring towns of the world...... The place where everybody whose life is so pathetic that they want to blow their brains out, go to blow their brains out.
by Gangsta Nuggets July 23, 2010
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the most crack infested town in Oklahoma . there’s nothing to do so everyone turns to drugs. come here to get addicted!
“Skiatook” “Don’t go there, my friend moved there and now he’s an addict”
by cocainefreak123 February 19, 2019
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the worst town in the history of the world. the schools suck and the town sucks. if you want to smoke some weed skiatook is the perfect place to come because mostly everyone here is a pothead who gets high everyday. The only exciting thing here is the Mcdonald's
Let's go to Mcdonald's in Skiatook and smoke some pot.
by Poob Stain April 20, 2017
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