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An Albanian name, form of the name 'Alexander' (Masculine)
Have you talked to Skender on the phone recently?
by Aleiz February 25, 2013
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Skank, cunt, skeezer = skender
Skender also means - shady, douche, perve, weirdo... You can use skender in almost any situation...

Situation: Mark a.k.a. whiskey was fucked up hitting on all the waitresses at the bar.
Example: whiskey was skendering around the bar.

Example: look at skender over their acting like a chester.
She fucked him again... skender!!!

He skendered the fuck outta them, stayed at his house for free didn't clean out buy groceries.

Skendering around the parking lot all fucked up...
by Winkis69 June 27, 2018
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