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Someone, most often a woman, or in rare cases an extremely flamboyant homosexual, who is so adamant about sucking cock, for the semen reward, that they practically choke on it in the retrieval process. Some might say a Skeetmizer is addicted to skeet similar to the way a crackhead is addicted to crack. Common traits include; always savoring the taste of skeet by holding it in their mouth before swallowing, and/or constantly being found in the presence of a skeeter.
Person 1: Hey man, how did your date with Kristin go last night?
Person 2: Well, not only did I discover that she has a crazy Cock Canyon, but she is also one of the most compulsive Skeetmizers I've ever met! So now I'm going to the clinic later to get some tests.
by TJR2004 October 29, 2008
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