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An Oakland California punk band from 1995-1997 that came under the Crust Punk and Crust genre creating Oakland Crust Punk. Along with Southern California's Dystopia (among several other west coast bands) helped create a wave of West Coast crust punk. Heavily influenced by 80's U.K. Crust bands Amebix, Hellbastard, Extreme Noise Terror, Deviated Instinct....etc.
Skaven, formed by Zebediah (vocals, now of DemonSteed) and Mike Matusio (bass) had originally been the grind/crust band Black Maggot (early 1995.) After going through a rippen brief life Black Maggot added Shaner, who played second bass guitar (forming a double bass guitar sound which set them apart from the others.) Rockin' Geoff Evans on guitar (now of doom metal ass kickers, Asunder) and RoskoTofu on drums formed a unique and dark form of Crust. Skaven was born. Taking there name from a race of Choas war-shippin' rat-men, and embracing the insanity of war, fantasy, celtic identity and life on the dark side of America. Drinking to excess (along with 3 members pulling serious H habits...)it is amazing they were able to pull off what they did. But donning their bullet belts and War Vests they took their cue from Lemmy, of Motorhead fame, and began a war on livers and muffin everywhere. After 4 months they released their first album, pressing a split LP with Dystopia (their brother band, Skaven's side was.....Blessed are the Worms, Life is Abuse) in early 1996 and followed up by a self titled 7" (also known as The Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Misanthropic Records late 1996.) *NOTE: Both Misanthropic and Life is Abuse are two of the earliest Cali Crust labels and Life is Abuse especially a pioneering label! Due to the fact that Skaven only released vinyl, in fact they mastered the 7" on the last vinyl mastering machine in the WORLD at the time! (a CD discography is rumored for Halloween 2009, 15 year anniversary!) Skaven records are highly sought and go for a premium price. Skaven and Dystopia did a tour in the winter of 1996, known to survivors as "the blitz", although it was just a day in the life of a true crustpunk warrior, Skaven lasted around the end of 1996, then crumbled after the firing of Zeb (time is wasted on the youth...) his songs (and Skaven as a working band) went with him. All to brief for a band that made a distinct sound and walked the walk, in an amazing scene at the right time and place. Playing and living with loads of great bands, such as, Neurosis, El Dopa, Skaven, Dystopia, Misery, Ojo Rojo, Noothgrush, State of Fear, Cruevo, Christ Driver, Man is the Bastard ....the list goes on and on. Crust done Oakland style (War Crust, War Metal.)
Up the Irons!
In it for life!
Oakland Punx / Pyrate Punx "official band"!
"Man the 3 B's....Beer, Buds, and Bullet Belts, Skaven fuckin lived it, brother! I was there, now pass me some ammunition and hit play! You kids don't even know....."
by Twinsofevil April 08, 2009
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One that plays Warhammer and Mordheim with Skaven, just because he knows they're overpowered.
He's clueless about strategy... and his Doomwheel couldn't have crushed my Lord in the first move! :(

Anyway - don't play Warhammer or Mordheim against a Skaven - they'll overrun you and swarm you before you knew what's happening!

Go for the psychology! They're weak in that area!
Miloš Rancic
by Green Knight February 11, 2004
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