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A nickname for the biggest whore one knows. Just like Tyrannosaurus rex means "King of the terrible lizards", Skankasaurus rex means "Queen of the skanky-ass sluts".
Guy 1: Dude, I think I can get an easy fuck from Tanya at the party...
Guy 2: Man, for your own good, stay away from her infested ass! She's such a Skankasaurus rex!
by Uberfart January 22, 2007
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(n) An ignorant, misinformed female who throws herself at unattainable men, violating trust & confidence. Often known as skank, whore, slut isn't totally unattractive but definitely not "A" game often over or under processed we'd like to call them "bottom feeders" they usually take the left overs. WOOF
What a Skankasaurusrex shes tried to sleep with everyone here including all her friends boyfriends. #fail
by LilCee333 January 20, 2012
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A girl who is complete white trash. She is also unattractive, an attention whore, a slut, and any other combination of unbecoming qualities. Generally can be spotted in the local watering hole hitting on old skanky men in order to obtain free drinks.

That girl is such a skankasaurus rex she has sat on four old nasty laps in the past 15 minutes.
by LaurCoogy February 23, 2007
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Being a skank to the highest degree of skankyness.
"Yo I heard that girl Natasha sent the whole school nude pics"

"Wow what a skankasaurus rex"
by ChillyJR October 05, 2011
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An over weight,angry slutty female, who has dinosaur like features and people fear.
Boy #1.) oh shit man!!! here comes helga!!
Boy #2.) She is such a scray skankasaurusrex!!!!!! lets run before she kills and eats us like she does her young!
by Sierrmew118 January 10, 2010
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