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Noun used to describe an overweight slutty girl. These girls generally have pretty faces ,but more than the recommended amount of muffin top. Also know as Torrid girls, these girls can be mistaken for pretty while one is hammered. These are known as a "Chubby Chaser's Dream". Much of the time, a skankapotmomus wears loose clothing so one could only notice her massive breasts while hiding their 20 pounds of excess heft. These women are shady and sneaky about their extra lard. Approach with caution and these nuclear bombs will not go off on you. Waking up next to a skankapotomus is like waking up next to a tranny. Fool arounf with caution. Or a girl who is overweight but wears clothes for someone of a smaller staure.
Hey Bill that skankapotomus is perfect for you. YOU CHUBBY CHASER!
by theNAKEDtruth October 31, 2010
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1. A fat girl wearing slutty clothes meant for someone of an...ahem...smaller figure. Or worse, a fat girl wearing nothing at all, thinking it's sexy.
2. A girl who could easily wear a size 10 and look better than squeezing into a size 6. See muffin top, gunt, camel get the picture.
1. Jenn - Oh, Sweet Jesus...look at that fat whore!
Maya - Yeah - she's a total skankapotomus.

2. Jake - Dude, I was totally ridin' Jenn's ass last night.
Kyle - Yeah, she's such a skankapotomus, you wanna strip her just so you don't have to see her fat oozin' out.
by bigrederin February 18, 2008
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Derogatory term for a female of any race or age, who is tacky and trashy, usually carries a low-class status, has poor hygiene, is slutty, promiscuous, gives it up to everyone and is very fat, overweight or even obese. Usually they are dressed in clothes that are too small, flashy and revelaing of their weight problem, and they think they are hot.
That new girl is a total skankapotomus! She's nothing but a nasty, overweight slut!
by YOHO2 October 16, 2009
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someone who dresses and acts skank like.
used to joke or crack on someone male or female.
Girl 1- im gunna wear this tube top red thong and skirt that shows halfmy ass when ii bend over. so guys knoee they can get it..

Girl 2- your such a skankapotomus
by whit_weezyy September 20, 2009
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