The lead singer of hard rock band Smokin
Damn Billy did you see the Smokinconcert last night?
Hell yeah man, Jesse Sinn can really sing!
by Leonardo Butts November 18, 2020
An Irish political and cultural society founded about 1905 to promote political and economic independence from England, unification of Ireland, and a renewal of Irish culture. It now constitutes the political branch of the Irish Republican Army.
Sinn Fein was founded by Arthur Griffith in 1905. Its current president is Gerry Adams.

Slogan: "Building an Ireland of Equals"
Ideology: Left-wing nationalism
by Dancing with Fire September 4, 2012
Sinn Saddle. Verb.

The act of carefully lining up of two female genetalia and while facing each other (see Cowgirl) Grinding to mutual Climax.

Signature move of Adult performer Sinn Sage.
"Iwas going to Sinn Saddle my girlfriend and she flipped the script and Sinn Saddled me.
by LLMLara May 24, 2012
we alone or us alone or we ourselves
- sinn (we / us)
- sinne (ourselves)

- fein (self, herself, himself; adj own

fein is a difficult word as it is used reflexiviely.
by Willa August 2, 2005
The political arm of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. Recognized as a legitimate political party in both the Republic of Ireland and the six occupied counties in the north.
by taicfaidh ar la May 12, 2005
We ourselves
by Gaelic September 14, 2003