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A borough and suburb of the crime-ridden city of Reading, PA. Many of the kids here live in massive houses, drive really nice cars, and attend prep schools.

This town is comparable to Wyomissing, in wealth, however not in prestige. Like Wyomissing, however, the concentration of Jewish families is quite high. Consequently, the area seems almost infested with rich J.A.P.s.

Preferred developments include Green Valley Estates and Green Valley Heights, where you will see many astounding homes. The Heights are comparable to Wyomissing Hills as well as Drexelwood.
New Yorker1 : Why yes, our family has owned property in Sinking Spring for many years.

New Yorker2 : Oh really? Well my family recently bought property in Wyomissing.

New Yorker1 : Are you Jewish?

New Yorker2 : Of course.

New Yorker1 : Fabulous, darling. Now lets go charter a private jet to the Poconos.

New Yorker2: My treat!
by LagunaGirl0000 August 11, 2005
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