1. A term commonly used by skanks,
Expressing love of single life, because they can't keep a relationship for any longer than a week.

2. Someone that has just emerged from a long-term relationship and is trying to show their ex they're doing better than them.

3. There's a certain breed of people that just care for relationship "the lucky ones".
1. Girl: I love him so much, happiest week of my life!! -2 days later-Getting drunk with my girls Single life

2. Guy1: hey Guy2, I'm loving the freedom of single life no nagging, beers in bed, dinner on the tollet. Its great.

3. Guy: What ever happened to Julie?
Guy2: Ehh didn't workout ay
by pebz47 December 9, 2013
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Do you, take this you to be your lawful single for life?

I do!
by GlazeHer June 19, 2016
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