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The most amazing friend, kind, generous and so funny. A Simryn is normally quiet around new people but once she gets to know them she acts herself, which is fun, outgoing and holds a good conversation. A Simryn tends to cry when she laughs and often laughs silently rocking backwards and forwards. Simryn's are very fun to be around once you become good friends with them, however you often find Simryn's single because they aren't easy to get. If you meet a Simryn that isn't single, the man is one lucky guy, and he won't let go of his Simryn easily.
guy 1: look at that goddess, she must be a Simryn
guy 2: i'm gunna try get that Simryn
guy 1: good luck man, it wont be easy
by magicalunicorn1234 January 12, 2012
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The greatest girl you will ever meet. She can be shy around new people but once you get to know her good luck shutting her up. She will care about you more than any girl that you'll ever meet and she's honestly really beautiful too. She can come on really strong but she actually just really cares about you. Simryn might try to act like you can't impact her, but she's really just scared of being hurt. Don't be fooled though be careful with a simryn and treat her like she's your world or you might lose her.
Me- " Hey dude I really want to be friends with simryn"
Friend- " Don't take her for granted dude, you don't want to lose Simryn"
by HopeDreamsOfLoveEnticeNext! September 21, 2018
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