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Simrin is a nice, outgoing girl, who is very popular and can sing and dance like a pro. She sets her standards high and is, very caring and loving, and can be quite protective. She won't trust you straightaway, you'll have to earn it. She seems cold and detached but when you gain her trust, she'll show you her fun goofy side. Simrin is hot, sexy and charming. She'll have you bowing down before her, as if she's a goddess. To attract her, you must be confident, not cocky, dont be clingy, pay for dinner and give her your coat when she's cold. Simrin is intelligent, so don't think she's dumb or she'll have your head on a stick. Simrin is a calm woman, but one little thing will tick her off and it will be like seeing the Devil himself.
"Damn, Simrin looking hot as hell!"
"I wish she was mine."
"She's way out of your league man."
by A_Brunette_Unicorn August 30, 2014
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A person that enjoys life, amazing positive personality and loves to do hobbies! She wouldn't mind missing out with being with her friends to be able to do her hobbie,art,instrument! They full fill there life with love and care for people! Always happy to help out with something, never doubts a person on first impressions either!
by simrinplayerfan December 01, 2011
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