Simptember is an annual month-long observance month in September designed to appreciate simps for protecting women and honor them for continuing their hard work despite all the bullying.
There are plenty of events planned in observance of Simptember this year.
by simp2020 July 26, 2020
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Ss is when you simp for anybody like anime characters or even people(but respectfully)
“Hey did you know it’s simptember
What’s that?”
“It’s when you simp over anime characters or people !”
by エッィオ September 25, 2020
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No simping in the month September. If you do, God crowd it as a big sin and will send you to hell.
by The ginger who won't die September 27, 2020
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Super Simptember is an alternate version of No Simp September, where you may simp for whoever you like, no matter who you are. There's no failing this month long challenge as long as you're simping for at least one person, real or fake.
John: "Didn't you hear? it's No Simp September."
Bob: "No, it's fine, I'm participating in Super Simptember."
by Hiyoko Saionji September 17, 2020
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