Indicating a particulariy fine day for weather. The sky being a single bright blue, punctuated with the occasional cloud, as in the hit cartoon; The Simpsons.
Wow! Weve got a real Simpsons' sky day today lets make the most of it.
by Ian Grimmett February 13, 2005
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A blue sky with fluffy white clouds as per the much loved Fox cartoon (even if they did dump Futurama - bastards).
Michael Fish watch out.
"Hey man check out of the window - it's a Simpsons Sky"
by street smeg May 6, 2005
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A blue sky containing white fluffy clouds that looks like the sky scene on the opening credits of the Simpsons cartoon.
We had great weather for the BBQ. We were grilling under a Simpsons Sky.
by Peter's Prism September 4, 2010
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