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Nickname for the name Souhil. Sim sim means that they are a very bad Fortnite player and there 90s are soooo slow.
by Mr. Three January 13, 2019
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A nickname for Simran, but a special one. A person who is incredibly majestic and cannot be described by mere words. People aspire to be her, due to her incredible personality with high morals. She makes everyone around them smile, and she is quite mischievous and can be annoying at times, however, her niceness outweighs all that. If you have a Simsim in your life, you are incredibly lucky, and you have a friend who is 1 in a gazillion. She is sometimes not shown the respect she deserves, which is a shame. But you should always respect a simsim and acknowledge her.
Damn, look at the amazing simsim there!
by DigiMonkey(•◡•) August 10, 2018
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