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Probably one of the best, nicest, and talented bands that has emerged from the San Jose music scene.

"Track Listings
1. - Oh Drama, You Are So Admirable
2. - White
3. - On Your Way Now
4. - As Long As
5. - Dance Dance Murder
6. - These Are My Bullets For You
7. - Take Your Blame For This
8. - California2615
9. - Should Have Known
10. - I Can Still Taste Regret On Your Lips
11. - It's Like Rain
12. - Last You'll Hear From Me
13. - The Ghosts Will Never Leave You

Silent Envy, hailing from California, is blending genres by taking energetic rock and fusing electronic rhythms and drums to forge the "Dancecore" revolution. Drawing comparisons to such bands as The Killers, Panic At The Disco and Kill Hannah, Silent Envy's sound is still undeniably unique. Mixing sampled drums, punk guitars, pulsing electronic rhythms, rich dueling vocals and raw unfiltered songwriting, Silent Envy is carving a new wave of rock and dance. The band's debut CD, "From The Vanity Of Ashes", is produced by the legendary Ryan Greene at his brand new Crush Recording facility in Arizona. This Bay Area quartet belies its young age with deep, sexy vocals and meaningful lyrics that take influence from real life and the everlasting wounds of heartbreak. " (

With a fan base of 5900+ friends on myspace spanning over the entire country.Releasing their debut album, From The Vanity Of Ashes on 02-20-07, Silent Envy has become an over-night sensation. This year playing the 2007 vans warped tour, after only one year of being a band. The band really cares and connects with their fans, which is one reason why we love them. With Dusty ray on Vocals, Dean on Bass, Chris on Guitar, and Evan on Drums, what more could you ask for? There is not a doubt in anyones mind that they will one day be huge. Silent Envy, all you're fans love you!
iitz liiKe rAiiN: dude, you HAVE to check out this new band i just heard!

theseRmyBULLETS4u: really? what's their name?

iitz liiKe rAiiN: Their called Silent Envy, and their from san jose! Their even playing Warped Tour this year!

theseRmyBULLETS4u: Thats so sick! i'll totally check them out!
by silent envys #1 July 21, 2007
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