A Sik Cunt is usually someone that thinks that they are god's gift to the world, and that they are betther than everyone else. Usually wogs. See wogs. These people are total fuck ups in the world and usually wear their hair with gel or any other product that can hold your hair up and make it look greasy. These people are usally total fuck heads who think that they are Sik Cunts. Wear lots of wog clothes such as adidas, champion and everlast brands. Also wear lots of gold chains and believe that they drive the sikkest cars in the world. Which are usually shit box's. See shit box's. These cars usually have phat sound systems which only play very loud and extremely annoying dance music which sucks total cock.
Dan: Did you just see that Sik Cunt walk past?

Steve: Yeah what a fucking fag, hope he and his car crash.

Dan: Yeah, what a fuck up in life.
by Habib and Demitri July 5, 2006
A person (usually male) who either:
1. Drives a sik car
2. Is to kewl for skool
3. Does something that he thinks
every1 will think he is kewl for doin
4. Is just a champ in general

Sik cunts can be found around big shopping centres or doin chap laps!
Geez that michael is a sik cunt VN Driver
by Michael Evans April 3, 2004
The highest complement bestowed upon a person, by a 'wog' (not derogatory).
"man you're a fully sik cunt"
by Ras Juan October 4, 2003