In Melbourne, Australia there is a trendy street called Chapel Street in South Yarra. Any night of the week (but mainly on weekends) you can see VLs and many other types of cars (mostly Holden Commodores) doing 'laps' up and down the street usually doing one or more of the following:

* Stereo at full volume pumping out the latest hits from the Arab and Greek Dance charts.

* Japanese imports (Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi GTO's etc) stopping ande waiting for a gap in front of them to rev it out in first gear. This method usually shows to everyone that you have a BOV, V8 and are a total dickhead.

* Car loads of guys yelling out to girls walking along the street. Usually like "oi baby wanna check out my souvlaki?!?"
"Hey man, we are just doin' chap laps then might head over to Zos"

"Mate you shoulda seen the sikkk HSV doing chap laps last saturday"

"Fark, cops have closed off chapel, no chap laps tonight Habib"
by Jase April 1, 2004
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Doing constant and repetitious laps of Chapel St, Melbourne in a 'hotted up' car.

It ensures many hours of sitting in traffic at 3am on a Saturday morning.

Popular with the "Muzza" type.
"What are you doing this weekend?"

"Well I just got some new rims on my car, gonna take it out for a spin.."

"Sick, pick me up around and we'll do some Chap Laps"
by Little Maria July 22, 2008
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when a girl's vag (vagina/gine gine/pussy/taco/vagine/va-jj) is hella dry or "chapped" like chapped lips. might as well be a sandpaper puss/
damn dat gurl's got one chap lap nigga. i found out last night when i tried to fuck her but ma dick wouldnt slide in cause she got chap lap!!!
by Royseph Lee Johnson, III December 5, 2008
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