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A Group of Teenagers/Adults that are fans of the group(s) Astrid Haven and All is Vanity (AIV+). Some are a mixture of goth and kandi kids while others could be a mixture of emo and scene. It all depends on who you know. Almost all Sihk kids are <b>REQUIRED</b> to have a myspace account. There AIM accounts may have words or song names/lyrics in them. Also about 90% of Sihk kids have SiHK in there myspace display name.
There myspace usually has at least one banner leading to Astrid Haven or AIV+.
Typical dress includes: Tripp or Illig pants, many kandi braclets, Bright colored shirts referring to 80's shows such as Bel-Air or others.
Another extreme is Very tight pants and tight shirts. Looks can be decieving.
Sihk kids are known to have many strange slogans. No body knows all of them.
Although most Sihk kids are from North Carolina/South Carolina (mostly Charlotte area), there are a large amount of Sihk kids spread across the states and across the US. As far south as Japan (yes Japan) as for North as Canada and as South as the Caribbean.
1 Look at those sihk kids over there! Their so hot!
2 OMG! You look so Sihk tonight!
by Nekopan November 17, 2006
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Tough ass motherfuckers. Rock the turbans, usually used as high end bodyguards. It's a culture and a religion from India.
Dude, a sihk could kick your ass.
by Macadaciouse February 10, 2005
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So many people have been saying SiHK is like a cult, yada yada, stupid things. Not true. This is copied directly from Astrid Haven and the Shock Pop All Stars:

I have received more and more emails this year asking me over and over from lots of people for me to tell them what SiHK means and what sihkids do, and what sihkids are. Happy New Year. I compiled a little letter to anyone with that question. It has become so hard to keep up with everyone who asks, and it's not an easy thing to discribe and give detail on over and over. So I think what I've kinda put together here would be WAY more than just an introduction, but almost a 101 on a lot of the things that are common in the sihk community. Please feel free to use this letter to help tell anyone who asks you.

FIRST. YOU create this, this is not to ever be taken as rules or regulations. These things written are a compilation of some of the ideas based upon the origin of the world we call Green Halo Park.

Serenity, Innocence, Honesty, Kindness

It's kind of a model of the balance of what makes up the psychological and emotional state of a person during the developmental stages of their life, or in most cases changes during the entire course of their life. A constant mutation.
A Spiritual Incarnation of Human Kind, if you will.

The word SiHK it's self is a symbol for the ones who feel the message and the meaning behind the Halo. Pronounced like 'sick', it's come to be recognized as a self inflicted hybrid kinder, a heart worm of sorts that tends to fill the void, or the gap, of the individual's emotional/psychological profile. They can be referred to as heart babies. Symbolically represented by a heart with a hole shape with a hole cut out. The hole representing where the "heart kinder" beds or cacoons.

It's important to realize that not everyone involved with the SiHK world is familiar with all of it's aspects and definitions. It's most important message is the one written in plain view. The community and the growth of those within it. Just as the heart kinder's main objective is THEIR community and the growth of those with in it, or the individual they inhabit and the well being of "sihkness". Most "Sihkids" understand the point behind the symbolism without even realizing it. I suppose due to the nature of the message, if you are SiHK, you just are. No one can really decide that except you. You decide that for one reason or another the world has aborted you and you know it's not where you belong. But the homesick heart break has left a hole in you. The halo provides the heart kinder template and you create it. It in turn, in a symbiote fashion, creates itself as a way for you to find what it takes to be complete and become what you really are. Our community seems to come together because we all recognize the way our hearts communicate with each other. We continually build our own language and customs, and they are as diverse as the people in it that community. The values of the Under Dog are NOT a secret. Strength in numbers. Love for your brother. Freedom of Mind and Spirit.

There are a handful of terms most recognized by Sihkids in the majority of circles. Not everyone knows or understands there origins or meanings exactly, but they have come to be symbols of the community.

57xt474 - A series of characters used to identify where a sihkid might have been or claim or just be leaving a friendly hello. It's characters' meanings are always clear but tend to point in directions that relate to each other in the big scale of things.

xt - a lowercase xt tends to also be a recognizable calling card. Seen in relation with the song Starlette-XT. A wheel within a wheel, two sides of one mirror.

Bangerang - A word borrowed from the call of the Lost Boys in the Peter Pan story "Hook". Used as a chant, war cry, greeting, and other reasons by most sihkids familiar with the band Astrid Haven's references to Pan and Never land.

The Lollie Rodger - A symbol made up of a skull with one decorated eye representing another perception, with a candy-cane and a lolly pop crossed behind it, rather than the bones or daggers commonly seen on a Jolly Rodger associated with pirates.

Never Never Land - The second star on the right, and straight on 'til morning. Green Halo Park is commonly referred to as or compared to different fictional faeri tale related place. Wonderland, Oz, to name a few, and most commonly Never land.

Green Halo Park - The metaphorical map of the SiHK world. Designs and puzzles piece it together and become a symbolic landscape of the sihk domain.
Lame kid: "Omg SiHKids are in a cult.
SiHKid: "NO, we're family."
by nonanonymous January 01, 2008
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