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To the surprise of many, Signal Mountain actually consists of the town of Signal Mtn. and Walden, and is located on what is known as Walden's Ridge.

Entertainment is more so in the historical landmarks than the town's lifestyle. These sites include The W road with its hairpin curves, the Conner Toll house, and Mabbitt Springs. We must not forget the well known Signal Point which holds magnificent views of the Tennessee River and Valley. In 1863, The Union Army used Signal Point to communicate to the Chattanooga area as well as Lookout Mtn. Just before you reach Signal Point you will pass what was once Signal Mtn. Inn (1913) that has been converted to Alexian Inn and built alongside Alexian Village; a now booming Tennessee Retirement Facility.

Signal Mountain is considered a rather Ritzy area of Chattanooga to most people. It is a one stoplight town with a reputation for a population of wealthy Republicans. Residents are rumored to be in talks of making it a privately gated town. More often referred to as 'Signal' with rather small population of church-every-sunday folks.
"You must be one of those know-everything Signal Mountain folks"
by Cybele August 06, 2008
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