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Sierah is a girl who is always getting boys and even when she has a break up like three weeks later she has a new boyfriend. She has a lot of friends. Her personality is great. Also she usually has a really close boy best friend and a really close girl best friend. She can tell her best friends anything. Sometimes she is a little crazy (but in a good way). Sierah can make anyone laugh. Even though she has a tough time in math class she still does really good. Her favorite class is social studies. She is so beautiful and sometimes is a little self conscious even though she doesn't need to be.
That girl is so smart in social studies she must be a sierah.
by Ciesco January 26, 2017
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Funny,Smart,Wierd,And HOT!!!!
A girl that likes to get laid. Likes to Look at boys Asses when they are not looking. And cant stop thinking about the boy that they like which is most definately her friends Boyfriend.
OMG that girl is like totally Sierah.Wut A BITCH!!
by Siren Bradley March 09, 2008
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