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A awesome guy who is very nice and handsome. A Siem got a lot of swag and is very genius.
by Siem January 08, 2014
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a Compelling and Beautiful girl and/or woman (like a goddess).

she's smart and witty and not afraid to share her opinion.she is a bit mysterious and probably has a dark secret she refuses to share with anyone.
she could be a model, or an actress, or a superstar of some sort. but unfortunately she isn't. Yet.

So watch out people! she can and WILL steal your significant other!
Siem looks so beautiful today! (not like she doesn't everyday)
Hey Siem, could you help me with my math homework after school?
I really like Siem, but theirs something about her i cant put my finger on....
by Human Girl September 11, 2018
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