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A sidgwick is a male who is usually of a mature age (25+) who has no grasp on reality what so ever.
A sidgwick will commonly lie, steal and annoy other individuals who are in the nearby vicinity.
A sidgwick is also know for their love for the sunbeds and will aften spend hours on Facebook adding random girls (who he dosent know) in a pathetic attempt to find a mate.
A sidgwick can also be used to describe when an individual thinks he is a bird named "geordie" and will spend hours cawwing and having very annoying conversations with himself.
Fucking hell, That sidgwick is doing my head in!

Chris is sidgwicking again and im going to fucking kill him and that fucking geordie!

If that sidgwick cawws one more time i swear ill fucking kill him!

That sidgwick stole my PS3, money, ipod and food!
by Geordie99 July 29, 2009
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