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Strickly a sex buddy . The girl on the side . The guy on the side. Side jobs are use for purpose of sex. Sidejobs can never escalate to a girlfriend or boyfried . Sidejobs can not block partners from he or she having other sidejobs . Sidejobs can never become friends with partners other sidejobs or girlfriends / boyfriends.
Talia is a bad sidejob because she tells everyone she and Carlos are in a relationship in hope to scare Carlo's other sidejods away from from him . There for she is cut off
by Sidejob LLP September 17, 2007
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Getting a handjob while both people are naked laying on their sides.
He was getting a side-job last night while on his side.
by RoRoSaurus November 10, 2011
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A Side Job is a girl in your life of little or no importance. However every girl must begin at this status and work her way up to "Main Job". The sides are left, right, front and back, as any more girls than this at one time is greedy and difficult.
Hannah : So have you spoken to that girl from Halloween?

Nash : Nah nah nah. She is only a side job
by totallyanonymousperson November 30, 2010
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A blow job given by two people simultaneously. The givers face each other with their mouths open while the receiver thrusts in between.
I got a side job from Shinzo and Dank last night. But I'm not paying either of them.
by blobdo April 04, 2015
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The act of a female or male bending to the side and a male sticking his erect penis in the fat rolls eventually causing an orgasm
I was too tired to have sex so he gave me a side job
by Priceless Princess 0209 May 25, 2016
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The act of watching porn and giving the person next to you a hand job
Me and Dylan gave each other side jobs yesterday
by funking re-re April 30, 2014
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