Strickly a sex buddy . The girl on the side . The guy on the side. Side jobs are use for purpose of sex. Sidejobs can never escalate to a girlfriend or boyfried . Sidejobs can not block partners from he or she having other sidejobs . Sidejobs can never become friends with partners other sidejobs or girlfriends / boyfriends.
Talia is a bad sidejob because she tells everyone she and Carlos are in a relationship in hope to scare Carlo's other sidejods away from from him . There for she is cut off
by Sidejob LLP September 17, 2007
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The art of straddling a midget while they perform duel stimulation.
The shorter you are the hardet it is to find a midget small enough to straddle for a keebler sidejob.
by capnhowdy August 13, 2015
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