US Marines having naval traditions and slang use the word gangway! for: move asshole!

Sickbay is where you go for any medical problem from a headache, to being run over by a truck, to being shot.

So the definition is: Move asshole or you will need medical care.
by chuck from schodack September 30, 2010
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Any member of the Armed Forces that is either constantly at a medical facility, constantly complaining of being sick or injured, or both. In general, these are the people who work harder trying to get out of work than they would by doing the initial tasks assigned to them.
SGT: Hey, where is PFC Blake?

CPL: He is at medical.

SGT: WHAT!? AGAIN!? That guy is a freaking sick bay commando. He is worthless. I guess we will all have to carry the load for him again, as always.
by cobra_pit_viper August 22, 2008
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Sick Bay is one of the greatest online meme accounts to be uncovered since meme lord Albert Einstein created a bomb to kill japanese cunts cos they had small dicks. Here on the online school community Sick Bay, many members of the brotherhood and sisterhood hey its 2018 #respeccwomen. join in on the account to contribute and produce content for the wider Cairns High community. Our community connects depressed cunts with no life to make memes and actually make Cairns High a fucking decent school without dipshit teachers trying to be hip and try to take dipshit selfies ugh.

'We weren't the hero cairns high deserved, but the one cairns high needed.'

Content ranges from DM hitting, School Shooter memes, Cyberbullying, Dank memes, Suicidal shit, Racist Shit. We also make sick merch btw 100% child labour used so it got the clout and be fire as hell. its good shit so check it out. The Sick Bay community is separated within many sub-genres. These include

Racism in Aus: We all abuse women and paolo because why the fuck not

Thot Watch: The Squad specialising in the elimination of posers, Attention hoes, and THOTS such as jesus christ who faked his death to manipulate dumb cunts for fame smh what a thot.

Movie Gang: a litty gang gang where sick af cunts watch sick af movies

Overall, without procrastinating my assignments with sick bay, i would be extremely suicidal.
Student 1: "Yo does Pablo Escobar run the Sick Bay meme Account?"

Student 2: " no pepe vaporlord dank ran it"

Student 3: yo i thought kmalachy ran it?

Student 4: didn't that guy that moved to darwin run it too??

Student 5: yo i swear xXgamergirlXx ran itt???

Vege Nils: hey guys im a shitty piece of vegan shit and ill never make a better meme account than Sick Bay
by ShitCuntFromMalta April 28, 2018
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Sick Bay is an online community dedicated to cairns high students since the education there is shit and so are the teachers. Think of Sick Bay as emotional therapy to get you through the shithole that is high school.

Sick Bay was created by a group of lads who dedicate themselves for the greater good in the form of Dank memes , Sick Merch, Phat DM Chats, And the extermination of THOTS .

Sick Bay can be found everywhere. Whether it be on soundcloud, S block Bathrooms, The shitty library, or just good ol' siq bay HQ, The group of 100% responsible, trustworthy, and friendly members of the Sick Bay brotherhood are here to help. Here at Sick bay we do not promote the use of marijuana, piss vape, Listening to 6ix9ine, vegan steaks, and basketballs on schools grounds cos anyone who does that is obvs a tryhard.

BTW If anyone from Cairns High does read this, Zilmie is my homie and hes the littest principal like actual ms toppin was like actual like being a refugee on Manus island or being a part of T094.
Student 1: ' Yo did you see that meme about shaftin haye on sick bay's IG?'

Student 2: ' Snitches get stitches, Bullies get Shafted.'
by ShitCuntFromMalta April 28, 2018
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