"Greatness from small beginnings."

Commonly known as a phrase from Sir Francis Drake in the Uncharted series for the PlayStation 4.

Sir Francis Drake was knighted by the Queen and given a ring inscribed with the motto "Sic Parvis Magna" on the outside of it. Nathan Drake found the ring and kept it on a necklace, it'd later become a clue into helping him find Sir Francis' empty coffin off the coast of Panama, and it'd also help him find El Dorado.
"Nathan Drake wears a ring around his neck with the letters Sic Parvis Magna etched into it. Do you know what it means?"

"It's Latin, and it means 'Greatness from small beginnings'."
by VoidSalvatore March 3, 2019
Alex: I'll never be good at YouTube my channel is too small

Jack: Alex you what Sic Parvis Magna means. Right?

Alex: It means Greatness From Small Beginnings. What about it?

Jack: You're channel will be Greatness one day but it has to have a small beginning

Alex: *smiles* whatever you say Jack
by Money lit MoMo September 2, 2017