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sexy & beautiful female. florida girl ! always right. last name startS with a T.
pronounced; (SHU-NEiCE
i wish i was shynice.
too bad i cant be her ):

she stole my man
she stole my girl!
das how she got it.
by baby.bella(: July 21, 2008
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Shynice is one the most beautiful women that ever walked this Earth. She is independent, gorgeous, intelligent, nice and humble. In school, she's really smart with a high GPA. Usually quiet and has a rest in bitch face but if you speak to her, she'll have a smile on her face. She's nice and quiet, which some people take advantage of, but once you cross the line or push her buttons, she is not afraid to fight. She's like a bomb ready to go off.... don't try her, she's crazy. On the other hand, she is the best friend everyone wish they had. She's loyal, stick up for you in any situation and will give you great advice, great shoulder to cry on. Chances are females are jealous of her. She hates followers because she's a leader. Really wifey material, and a huge FREAK in bed. All her teachers love her and I think no one would be surprise if she becomes a billionaire. Basically, she's that unique person that walks into your life you don't want to get rid of and if you do, you'll regret it.
"Wow.....Shynice is so smart and pretty."

"Look bro, she's the type of girl you want to bring home to your mama."
by OnlyHereToTellTheTrut January 13, 2018
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