A kind loving girl who is sweet and an amazing friend. You’d be very lucky to have a shyly in your life!
She’s so sweet she must be a Shyly
by Nobody_lol August 4, 2021
An amazing person, a great friend, She always has a way of making you laugh. Shyly is shy at first but when she opens up to you she can turn out to be amazing.
“Is that a shyly? I’d love to be her friend!”
by Nobody_lol August 4, 2021
Usually, a "Shylie", is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. As soon as you see her you'll fall in love. She is often athletic, fun to be around, gorgeous, kind, funny, smart, caring and you'll never see her without a smile. She is the life of the party and full of energy. She goes through things at home but you would never know unless she told you. She'll cherish your friendship, but you never want to get on her bad side. She has a good sense of fashion and takes care of her hair. You'll also, never know what she'll do next.

Everyone loves her and wants to be her.
Pam: "Oh-my-gosh! Her outfit is so cute!"
Sabrina: "I know, right? She is such a Shylie."
by Shylie's Boyfriend February 21, 2019
The most amazing and beautiful person that ever was, is and will ever be!
Shylie is so caring, loving and amazingly beautiful.
by M3ntalR February 5, 2010
a shyli is an absolute minecraft lover she is an emo gangster and SOOOOO hot she has a phat ass to. hood rat/dababy a shyli is apart of the monkey mafia and she knows bussin gang signs. her PHAT ass with dababy tattoo is a 10/10!
I heard shyli has a tattoo of dababy on her booty‼️
by CaniHaveA#16please April 19, 2021
Usually referring to an emo girl. They are super sensitive but be careful...they bite. They take comfort in knowing that everyone poops every day. Random laughter is generally expected.
That Shyli is just mad because goth music sucks.
by VRon3000 October 25, 2017
Smart but also a goofy, she is the type of girl to hide her feelings but also falls in "love" very fast. Tries her best to be there for everyone but is not afraid to let go. Very pretty inside and out, the kind of girl that would do anything for anyone even if she didn't know them. One of a kind
Oh look, it's shyli!
by ScooterAnkles23 June 20, 2020